13th Century English Franciscan Thought

Council Room, King's College London, Strand Building 

28-30 May 2020


The European Research Council funded project ‘Authority and Innovation in Early Franciscan Thought (c. 1220-45) focuses on first-generation thinkers at the University of Paris, particularly Alexander of Hales and John of La Rochelle, devoting special attention to the co-authored Summa Halensis. The project seeks to expose key innovations in the philosophical and theological works of these thinkers by reading them in their proper historical contexts, i.e. as members of the Franciscan religious order and recipients of new translations from Greek, and especially in this period, Arabic. In 2018, five conferences were hosted on the context, method, sources, and topics of the Summa Halensis; in September 2019, another conference will be held on the relationship between early Franciscan philosophy and the work of later Franciscans and scholastics. 


As part of the effort to situate the early Franciscan intellectual tradition at Paris in a wider context, a further conference is proposed on 13thcentury English Franciscan thought, especially in the first half of the century. Papers are welcome on any thinker and theme within this tradition, especially insofar as comparisons and contrasts can be drawn with the early school at Paris. We are interested in understanding how ideas and texts cross-pollinated amongst the schools or were developed independently. Papers will focus on one or more members or teachers of the English Franciscan school, including:


Richard Rufus of Cornwall

Adam Marsh

Thomas of York

John Peckham

Richard of Middleton

Adam of Buckfield

Roger Bacon

John of Wales 

Roger Marston

William of Ware 

Robert Grosseteste 

Duns Scotus

William of Ockham


Confirmed Participants

Sophie Delmas

Jeremiah Hackett

Rega Wood

Neil Lewis

Giles Gasper

Philippa Byrne

Nicola Polloni

Lydia Schumacher

Fiorella Retucci 

Cecelia Panti

Sigbjorn Sonnesyn

Martin Pickavé